Riot Company – punk rock from Hildesheim, Germany. Founded in 2001 by Dole and Sascha the band has ever since been touring the world, then as now being in search of fun, adventure and after-show parties


From the very beginning, Riot Company has always been a synonym for uncompromising, fast and yet melodious punk rock with plenty of melodious elements. Music from the scene for the scene. The band has been continuously evolving in the past years and has managed to mature into an outstanding live band.

The four members of the group have always remained true to their own style without ever letting others influence their music. "Songs about love and hate, girls and much more”! Texts taken from real life, in which nothing is sugar coated. Reflecting own feelings, experiences and plain truth.


In the past eleven years, the band performed more than 200 events in Germany, England, Indonesia, France, Belgium, Austria, Czech Rebublic, Hungary, Denmark and Switzerland. Most of the gigs were in smaller clubs but some of them also took place on major stages and festivals.


For example, Riot Company already shared the stage (and beer!) with bands like The Exploited, The Misfits, The Boys, Cockney Rejects, Sham 69, Agnostic Front, The Business, ..., just to mention some of them.

Following are the records published so far:

  • „Punkrock Radio“ EP (Wasted Youth/Halb 7 Records, 2002)
  • „Riot Company/Scum – Split“ EP (DSS Records, 2003)
  • „Directors Cut“ CD (DSS Records, 2004)
  • „Riot Anthems“ CD (KB – Records, 2006)
  • „Riot Anthems“ LP (Psycho T Records, 2006)
  • „Directors Cut“ LP (Psycho T Records. 2007)
  • „The Kids Strike Back“ Split-CD (KB – Records, 2009)
  • „The Fire’s Still Burning“ EP (KB – Records, 2009)
  • „Passion Punkrock“ CD (KB-Records, 2010)
  • „Passion Punkrock“ LP (KB-Records, 2011)
  • „Riot Company/Foreign Legion - Salute to the boys“ Split EP (KB-Records, 2012)

The band currently stars:

  • Dole – vocals, guitar
  • Sascha – drums
  • Gero – guitar
  • Roffi – bass

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